Measuring Windows for Installing Storm Windows.


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Tips for Measuring Existing Windows for Storm Windows

Measuring For Wood or Aluminum Storm Windows

Measure Top and Bottom

It is important to make sure all measurements are taken as accurately as possible. All measurements should be taken for a tight opening storm window size. All measurements need to be taken to within a sixteenth of an inch.



It is best to have someone assist you by writing down measurements as they are taken to help minimize mistakes. Always measure in the following order: Top and then Bottom. Left side. Right side. Then check for square by measuring corner to corner.

Note: Deductions will be made at the factory for clearances.

Please bear in mind that each home's window openings are unique. Before ordering windows, please contact Air-Tite Window Mfg., Inc. directly for a verbal confirmation of your measuring details. Air-Tite cannot be held responsible for measuring errors.

Measure Left and Right



Measuring On The Diagonal



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